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Mir is the improbable assemblage of two musical forms, across sweetness and forcefulness, sensuousness and temperance, feminine and masculine forms.

The singular style brings, with arrogance and jubilation, contrasts to break out to reach perfect and surprising fusion.
Simple and true words tell the perpetual dualities of mankind.
While the musical languages mingles and drives our limits to new levels, the words question in the same way the vertiginous depth of the body and its memory.

Mir builds bridges between matter and vibration, and reconciles all opposites in a sensual and forceful manner. 


Maude Richard

(photo Jacky Lepage)

(photo Jacky Lepage)

Maude is a versatile artist whose unique and constant medium is the human, through its physical and spiritual forms.

Attached to the question of memory, she travels in the tumultuous and exciting dimensions of the non-visual.
Whether in her paintings, photos, videos, texts or musical compositions, she always installs a window on the past and future, embracing all these dimensions into one: the very colorful power of the human soul.

She  gives M!R its musical compositions of   piano-voice sweetened by all the desires of life, that Michel and Raphael arrange with rhythms and materials.

Maude sings and plays piano, bass and 4 strings guitar.

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Michel Morenville

(photo Eric Scaillet)

(photo Eric Scaillet)

Michel is the conductor, the one tempering ebullition, filtering Maude's blinding emotional impulses so to be seen by the naked eye.

He uses a masculine perception to translate with his enthusiastic earthling's symbols, the music he hears of his life: an endless quest for knowledge and learning.

Looking for original sounds, he pushes the guitar away from its traditional sonic structure, to propose  atypical experiences. 

Michel plays guitars and bass.

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Ben Bruyninx

(photo Spictacle)

(photo Spictacle)

Ben completes the sound and tonal structure of M!R's music.

In the background, unnoticed but fully present. Or in the foreground, leading the rhythm or the melody. His keyboards take the adjacent roads to elevate the songs to higher grounds. 

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